A new generation of activities to (re)discover Andalucia

About us

"VIA Andalucía SL” is a specialized firm in cultural services created in 2001 at Granada, in Spain.

Our wish, since the beginning, is to make discover Andalucía to a young public through its patrimony focusing specially on bringing didactic learning methods. Selected activities, the use of a simple and recreational language and the collaboration of experimented guides and monitor’s helps understanding the current Andalucia through its past.

We think the identity of a region only can be discovered through the history of its inhabitants, their costumes, language, artistic manifestations and way of dressing or alimentation. We defend the idea that History is not only an endless listing of kings or battles.

One of VIA Andalucía’s originalities is to offer activities, created by us, as Monuments 2.0 where History has been synthesized and classified by themes or workshops that helps to purchase knowledge through a practical and recreational focusing.

Our adventure started slowly and step by step, receiving each time more public from everywhere, reaching more than 30.000 participants and offering about 40 activities. At the same time we are collaborating with Foundation “El Legado Andalusí” of Junta de Andalucia.

We hope you enjoyed the navigation through our website as much as we enjoyed its realization.