A new generation of activities to (re)discover Andalucia

Study tours and fantastic school trips to Spain

Experience our school trip to Spain an excellent opportunity to combine historical tours, educational workshops, didactic games and fun social activities. An opportunity to live intensely the daily life of the Spanish cities accommodated with Spanish families or in hostels, all in a student-friendly environment.

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Supervised by a team of professionals our trip include:


Accommodation and meal arrangements are an essential part of a trips success. You can choose between staying in a hotel or with families , host families have been chosen over the last 10 years.

The Host families

We have host families available in Granada, Seville, Madrid and Barcelona. Accommodation would be with Spanish families, one of the best ways of Spanish language and cultural immersion.

  • ►Responsibility
  • ►Hygiene
  • ►Aptitude
  • ►Situated near the city center. No need to use public transport.

During your stay
  • ►City map with the localization of the host family´s houses
  • ►Two or three students per family house , without contact with English speakers
  • ►Mobile phone with 50€ credit
  • ►Listening to English speaking 24h/7
  • ►Accommodation with all meals include: Breakfast, lunch or picnic and dinner.

Teachers accommodation

We offer teachers the chance to stay with host families or in a hotel, all meals included and near the areas were the students are staying.


We choose our hotels for students and teachers accommodation with the next criteria:

  • ►Cleanliness
  • ►Comfort
  • ►Accessibility

All accommodations are situated within the city center.


If you arrive by plane to Malaga, Granada or Madrid a coach which follows the E.U. regulations for school transport, will be at you entire disposal during your stay.

Insurance policy

With the reservation we offer, in accordance to the law, the next insurance:

  • ►Travel insurance
  • ►Insurance cancellation

Note: All participants must be in possession of print E 111 (issued by the social security). We recommend every person to have a liability insurance issued under their name.

Accommodation and transport services are insured by PILMAN VIAJES CIF/ Tax ID number: B -41643354 – CIAN/Registered travel agent: 41375-3 Adress: Azaheres,9 41807 Espartinas ( Sevilla ).